1.5 Million Buttons - A Button for Every Child Murdered During the Holocaust

Dear all!

We, the 7th and 8th grade students at “Aseh Chayil” school in Efrat, have been studying about the Holocaust and have decided to create a special project based on the Holocaust. We would like to collect one and a half million buttons for every child murdered during the Holocaust.

Why buttons?

• Buttons are an essential fixture in different clothing of every human being. Each button has its own unique shape, color etc.. These differences represent the uniqueness each one of these children had.

• Buttons are a fixture in clothing which protect us, thus by collecting buttons we symbolize the lack of protection these children experienced.

• The round shape of the button symbolizes the circle of life that was abruptly cut off for each of these children.

• Buttons are round and whole. The Germans who murdered these children broke whole families.

Our purpose is to receive buttons with stories about the Holocaust, not necessarily stories about children. We take upon ourselves to establish an archive at the school containing all the stories we receive in order to help future students understand the Holocaust better. From those buttons collected we strive to create a presentation or a monument in memory of all one and a half million children and thus raise their lost honor and childhood. This place will remind us of all the children murdered during the Holocaust.

We ask all whom this subject is important to help us gather buttons and stories and send them to us at:

“Aseh Chayil” School, HaGefen Hill, Efrat 90435, ISRAEL

For “One and a Half Million Buttons” project

Thank you,

7th and 8th grade students at “Aseh Chayil” school, Efrat.


• This project was inspired by a similar project done at junior high school at Withwell, Tennessee, South USA. We thank the town school for inspiring this project.