Join the die-hard Efrat hockey players who travel to the Canada Center in Metulla once every 2 weeks for a game of pick-up hockey. Games are Thursday evenings and you can rent equipment. Cost is about 120 shekels to play. Transportation by car pool and splitting the gas. Plan to leave Efrat around 5pm and arrive in Metulla by 8:30. On the ice from roughly 930 to 1100pm and bring your bathing suit if you want to hop in the jacuzzi or pool after the game (and you can bring the spouse and kids who can use the pool for free while you skate!). We daven Maariv after the game and you'll be home between 330 and 430 am Friday morning. For details e-mail Paul at

Interested hockey players should join the Yahoo group israelcanuckhockey to get the latest information.

There are small ice rinks in Maalot, Tel Aviv (at the Luna Park) and Ashdod (in the mall) with a new rink scheduled to open at a new mall in Eilat in 2012 or 2013.

The 6th annual recreational ice hockey tournament is scheduled for next February in Metulla with teams from North American and Israel. Contact Paul for more information.

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