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This week – travel insurance

Famous last words • “I’m sure we’re covered through my credit card” • “We’re only going for a few days” • “Our Kupat Cholim covers this, don’t they?”

The Facts

1. Not all credit cards give the holder free travel insurance (e.g. foreign residents do not qualify).

2. The credit card “freebie” has a daily limit for hospitalization (as opposed to a global limit for standard policies).The current limit (on many cards) is $1,250 per day. Think about a day in a U.S. hospital with a barrage of tests!

3. If you have special needs, make sure that you take the appropriate Policy. For example:cover for pre-existing conditions ,cover for older people , cover for pregnancy. There are travel insurance possibilities for virtually any condition (if you are prepared to pay!)

4. If you are travelling to countries where medical services are poor (e.g. India, Egypt) it is strongly advisable to take out emergency medical evacuation cover.

5. If you and your family travel overseas for more than one month per year, on a regular basis, it is worthwhile looking into a long-term travel policy.

6. N.B. Remember that the most comprehensive and inexpensive “insurance policy” is still Tefillat Ha’Derech!”

Bon Voyage!

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