Location: Efrat is bounded by latitudes N on the North, S on the south, W on the west and E on the East.

Area: the municipal boundaries of Efrat encompass X square kilometers.

Altitude: the highest point in Efrat is Givat Hate'ena at N meters above sea level. The lowest point in Efrat is probably ??? at N2 meters above sea level.


Flora You can find the following trees in Efrat: Lemon Etrog Apricot Fig

The following weeds are indigenous to the area: aaaa-choo!

Fauna The following animals are indigenous to the area and have been spotted by Efrat residents: (the following needs to be put into a table format) Animal Genus Description Fox Shrew Porcupine Deer

Snakes and Arachnids and other creepy crawlies Name Genus Description