Olim/Aliyah Resource Sites[]

  • Efrat Aliyah Coordinator - Alissa Fried Harbater office: 02-993-9336;

cell: 050-791-2581; [1]

NBN provides comprehensive support for olim by directly interfacing with them, both in the pre- and post-Aliyah stages. We offer financial assistance, employment resources, social services and guidance through governmental absorption procedures in order to help make each individual's Aliyah as successful as possible.

The Association of Americans and Canadians In Israel (AACI), a not for profit, tax exempt, volunteer and apolitical Zionist organization, was established in 1951. For 50 years AACI has, with distinction, fulfilled its mission. It has encouraged Aliyah; has assisted persons making Aliyah to adjust into Israeli life; has provided a comprehensive set of services for newcomers and veteran residents; has made a positive contribution to Israel by participating in activities which enhance the quality of life and has been a strong advocate for those issues affecting Olim.

Useful Reference Materials[]

Explains Israeli Numbering on cuts of meat and US/UK equivalency.