The internet is a powerful medium and my thinking is that we can harness it for the benefit of the consumer. So here's my first salvo in a Consumer Awareness program that can help us all. If you know of an item or items that are cheaper at one store or another, without passing judgments, please post the savings to the list so that the careful consumer can benefit should they chose to do so. I for one believe it is good for the community to support the local businesses. But if the local businesses are charging us a premium for that convenience, it is time for us to help make competition work for us all. The differences in price on one item may not be significant, but if projected 2 or 3nis per item on 50 items, the savings upon check-out for a large family can be anywhere from a 100 to 300nis! For me, I'd rather pay the store 20 or 30nis for delivery and pocket the difference.

So post those savings! They add up quickly - For some of us with large families, that's like getting a free load of groceries once a month!!

Yaacov Avinu returned for "pachim ketanim" and chazal say from there we learn, "Zaddikim, chavivim aleihem mamonam" - Even pachim ketanim...

with blessings for a Chanuka full of light... David Willner

Item - Berez Bitachon (Brand X) Dekel Hardware - 59.00nis Rimon Hardware - 41.00nis Gilo Hardware - 36.00nis

simple L-brackets (large) that one uses for shelves Rimon hardware 20 shekel Home Center (Jerusalem) 29 shekel.