There are 2 neighborhood shiduch projects in Efrat, one focusing on English speaking singles, and one on Hebrew speaking singles.


Here is your chance to do something for your single friends...

We are creating a database with details of single people (including divorced and widowed) who you know personally. Each person is described without the name, but with as much details to enable others to have an idea about the personality and basic details about them. If you see a potential Shiduch, you simply contact the family that knows this person and try to roll it on..

"We are all Shadchanim" is HaRav Aviner's initiative and with his blessing (www.kulanu4you.org[1])...

Good luck!

Here are the current entries in the database, arranged by age:

Please note additional entries as per March 30 2006

Please click here for an empty questionnaire


'VE'AHAVTA LE'RAYACHA KAMOCHA' A group of women in Efrat have volunteered to work together to make shidduchim. Their work is totally confidential. NO NAMES are given out when they speak about shidduchim.

They have forms that are constantly compared amongst themselves and women in other neighborhood.

Click on the following link, fill out the form, email it back, and they will try to work on a shidduch for you as well.


Hatzalacha rabba. Sharon Katz