Please post one time sales in the calendar. This page is for ongoing stores and sales.

Te'ena Commercial Center[]

Dekel Commercial Center[]


  • Shadmot Efrata Makolet (across from Gan Asor)


Home Based Sales[]

This section is for people who sell things out of their homes.

  • Forever Living Aloe Vera
  • Robby's Sharp Edge Service: Sharpen and repair all types of knives and scissors. Specialist in polishing and sharpening silver handled hala knives. Call ROBBY 0526734252 for appointment.
  • Land of Israel Gold Buyers - We buy gold & silver in any condition! 0522524044 kash4gld@gmail.com

Home Deliveries[]

  • Pomeranz Books of Jerusalem will deliver for free in Efrat
  • Of Anash of Rishon L'Zion delivers to Efrat. Quality meat under Lubavitch Hashgacha 03-9521649

Elsewhere in the Gush[]

Outside the Gush[]

  • Something Jewish - 16 Yitzchak Sholal St, Geula, Jerusalem; 02-5001532 or 054-4526946
  • Shaked designs - Judaica art studio. handmade kiddush cups, mezuzah cases and jewelry. jerusalem.