Please post one time sales in the calendar. This page is for ongoing stores and sales.

Te'ena Commercial CenterEdit

Dekel Commercial CenterEdit



Home Based SalesEdit

This section is for people who sell things out of their homes.

Home DeliveriesEdit

  • Pomeranz Books of Jerusalem will deliver for free in Efrat
  • Of Anash of Rishon L'Zion delivers to Efrat. Quality meat under Lubavitch Hashgacha 03-9521649

Elsewhere in the GushEdit

Outside the GushEdit

  • Something Jewish - 16 Yitzchak Sholal St, Geula, Jerusalem; 02-5001532 or 054-4526946
  • Shaked designs - Judaica art studio. handmade kiddush cups, mezuzah cases and jewelry. jerusalem.