Ulpan La'Inyan is the only Ulpan in Gush Etzion. Here's the latest news from them:

I'm happy to announce that the Efrat branch of Ulpan La-Inyan is opening registration for level 3 ulpan. We're also trying to get a level 1 together, let us know if you're interested! When do we meet? Sun.-Thur. 9:15-10:30 AM (level 1 TBD) Where? Efrat What dates? May 5th-June-18th

Sign up here: http://ulpan.com/policy-gen-pre.html

Find out your level here: http://ulpan.com/level-3-placement.html

Save 200 nis by registering before April 25th! Reply to this message if you have more questions.

Yours, Naftali Schindler Gush Etzion Regional Director Ulpan La-Inyan