The community is invited to a Pessach Fair to take place at Beit Knesset Zayit Raanan (above the Ganim in Zayit) on Friday, April 15, between 10:00 and 14:00.

All Your Pessach Needs in One Shot

  • Mechirat Chametz
  • Hagala and Libun
  • Maot Chitim
  • Tvillat Keilim at the adjacent Mikveh Keilim
  • Donation of Clothing, Toys and Food
  • Sefarim and Judaica Sale by Mintzer (such as Hagadot, Machzorim, Seder Plates ...)
  • "Ask the Rav" Corner
  • Gush Katif Matzot
  • Car Wash
  • Wine and Liquor from our local Yekev Lavi (Asher Bentulila)
  • Paper Goods from Direct2U
  • Mezuza Checking by the Sofer Rav Natan Siegel

AND the tape of the Zayit Purim Shpiel - "Zayit Nehederet"

Hope to see you all.

Chag Sameach!